why do people complain when a "khutbah" is longer than usual,

but they are tgrilled when a FOOTBALL game goes into extra time??

why is it laborious to read a "juzu" in the Al-Quran

but how easy it is to read 500 pages of a best selling NOVEL??

why do we believe what the newspaper says...

but queation what the Quran says..??

why can't we think of anything to say when we pray

but don't have difficulties thinking of thing to talk about with friend??

why the couple of hours spend at the mosque seem very long but

very short when watching a movie??

why do people want to get front seats at any concert or game but

scramble to sit in the last row during prayers??

why does RM10 looks so big when we take it to the mosque...

but so small when we take it to the store??

why is it hard for people to learn to simple Quran and to tell others about it

but how simple it is to understand and repeat gossips??

why do we need 2-3 weeks to fit an islamic event into our schedule

but can adjust for a social event at the last moment??

why do we need a long time and have must difficulties to memorize one or two verses of the Al-Quran

 but a very short time to memorize a song...??

why is it when we send a thousand jokes through the e-mail and they spend  like wildfire....

but when you start sending messages regarding Allah, people think twice about sharing??

why do we imitate the lifestyle of the latest icons....yet turn our backs from the Sunnah of our prophet Muhammad...

    p/s: entri ini sekadar renungan bersama...segala gambar hanya hiasan sahaja...selamat menghayati....^_^

    ~setanggi syurga~

    1 Mujahid & Mujahidah Tinggalkan Pesan:

    ~sEtAnGGi SyurGA~ aka Nur Hidayah Ali said...

    cam kena kat batang hidung je buat entri ni...-__-..
    untuk peringatan diri ana & juga sahabat2 ana skalian....
    syukran permata dunia....^_^

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